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Cashier Retail POS Software

All the features you need for Modern Retail POS system

Point of Sale

Helps sales clerks ring-up customers and process payments. Ensures cashiers charge the correct amount, adjusts inventory and prints receipts

Manage Inventory System

Automates the management of supply levels. Deducts inventory as sales are completed and provides alerts when inventory levels reach pre-defined thresholds.


Centralizes accounting data and provides accurate details on business performance. Incorporates inventory figures as well as other expenses, such as payroll and rent.


Stores customer information and purchase history. Enables retailers to track contact information and preferred items to market to customers.

Multi Device Support

It’s an Online Retail POS system with a user-friendly graphical interface, which runs in any HTML5 supported browser and is touch screen ready.

Data Security

Retail POS system is to keep tight control over cash receipts to prevent theft. We provide audit trails so you can trace any problems.